EVA Foam
EVA Foam

A wonderfully versatile material, EVA foam is a high density, closed-cell foam (closed-cell meaning that it does not absorb water). It is aesthetically appealing due to its texture and array of available colors and it is a durable material that allows for the production of quality products.

Since 1987, we have been using our experience and knowledge to manufacture quality swimming pool equipment using this foam. Equipped with a full design team we are continually creating and searching for new ways to transform EVA foam into a wide variety of unique and exciting products.

We have been transforming EVA foam into finished products for over 20-years and during this period we have become the leading expert on EVA foam and EVA foam transformation. The EVA foam that we use in our manufacturing process is the best quality EVA foam on the market. Not only have we invested many years of research and testing but we visit the EVA foam manufacturers overseas in order to confirm the quality of the product first hand as well as to learn from the manufacturers and acquire more expertise.

There are many possibilities and choices with EVA foam; color, density, & sheet size. Currently we stock 8 different colors of a particular EVA foam that is used in our manufacturing process however if there is a need for something different than what we stock there are different possibilities available and we are more than happy to evaluate the need and provide a solution.

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