Swimming Pool Products - Dry Diving Board
Diving Training Platform

Dry Diving Board

This innovative training tool is used by elite platform divers. It simulates diving from a platform but at the pool deck level. We were contacted to design this product, for use by divers attending the XI FINA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Manufactured to meet our high standards, this solid, rigid Diving Training Platform has a non-slip surface because the top is covered in Rough-Tex, the same non-slip diving platform surface being used on diving platforms around the world. It is equipped with levelling legs to insure a level, horizontal surface and is quick and easy to install and take out using four 3/8" eyebolt anchors (included). Product should be used in a minimum of 9 ft depth of water.

Dimensions : 23.5" wide x 123.5" long x 4" high Weight: 190lbs

46.2800 Diving Training Platform

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