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Made-to-Measure Lane Indicators

Made-to-Measure Lane Indicators

Made from the same high quality materials as our regular indicators, these too measure 12" x 18". The way to order is as follows: choose the color (red, blue, green, or yellow) of the plain plastic indicator (both panels the same color) you want to purchase. Then choose from the 4 popular texts we stock in either white or black (see product codes below). THE TOTAL PRICE OF THE INDICATOR WITH TEXT IS: THE ADDITION OF THE PRICE OF THE PLAIN PANEL PLUS THE PRICE OF THE INDIVIDUAL TEXTS YOU HAVE CHOSEN. For best results, we suggest that you use white text on blue and red indicators, and black text on green and yellow indicators. We also stock our very popular "continuous swim” arrow logo and the YMCA logo, both in white or black. If you are looking for a text that is not coded, use the general text code and tell us what you want to write but do not forget to choose the color of the indicator! And if you are looking for something a little more complicated like your municipal or team logo with some text, we can accommodate you.

68.5050 Plain blue panel
68.5051 Plain red panel
68.5052 Plain green panel
68.5053 Plain yellow panel
68.5104 General text (white)
68.5105 General text (black)
68.5124 Arrow logo (white) (1)
68.5125 Arrow logo (black) (1)
68.5154 YMCA logo Canada (white) (1)
68.5155 YMCA logo Canada (black) (1)
68.5174 YMCA logo USA (white) (1)
68.5175 YMCA logo USA (black) (1)
68.5444 Aquatic fitness (white) (1)
68.5445 Aquatic fitness (black) (1)
68.5454 Lap swim (white) (1)
68.5455 Lap swim (black) (1)
68.5464 Private class (white) (1)
68.5465 Private class (black) (1)
68.5474 Leisure swim (white) (1)
68.5475 Leisure swim (black) (1)



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