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World 2005 Floating Water Polo Goal

A revolutionary product, the “World 2005” floating water polo goal is the BEST on the market. After an in-depth analysis of the water polo world’s needs, we feel that the “World 2005” is an innovative and unique goal that will meet those needs. The following are a few unique features that make this floating water polo goal stand out from all others on the market:

- 6” thick fibreglass floaters allow for better balance. The “World 2005” floats better than any other goal. There is NO tendency to tip forward.

- the unique two-float design allows goalies to kick freely because there is nothing to obstruct their kicks.

- floaters are dark blue therefore providing better contrast, for the goalies, from the white frame.

- fibreglass will NOT chip on the bottom edge of the goal because a protective strip has been incorporated along the edge, therefore prolonging the life of your goal.

- foot pads have been installed under floaters so when your goal is sitting on the deck, it is actually sitting on the pads and NOT the fibreglass floaters, once again prolonging the life of your goal.

- only the best EVA foam was used inside the floaters to AVOID deterioration.

- the foam will NOT float away from the goal like others on the market because we have permanently fixed the foam to the fibreglass floaters.

- handles are placed on either side of the goals to facilitate displacement of the goal.

We have highlighted just a few features that make the “World 2005” the BEST floating water polo goal available as well as why it was used at the XI FINA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Montreal in July 2005.

45.7500 "World 2005" floating water polo goal (1)


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